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Friday, May 15, 2015

Great update on Peter!

We just got our final update on Peter and it was awesome! Much better report than the stressful news we got on Rebecca (see here: http://www.christianwarriorwear.com/blog/distressingfirstupdate).

We got two new pictures of our smiley boy and found out his shoe size! I was trying to buy shoes for him the other day and was worried about guessing wrong- glad I waited! (He is a 4.5 men’s for those who are curious).

The report is answering some questions that we asked, so it may sound unusual to hear things like “He is not afraid of anything.” I love it!

The update said:

5/15/2015 update


Current health is good. His left hand is not as agile as other children. His intelligence is delayed compared with other children of his age.

(States Chinese name) He is not afraid of anything. He is happy when he is playing or drawing.

He sleeps by himself. He showers daily. He brushes his teeth daily. He has daily responsibilities. He is in grade 3. He likes math and English. He knows some English words. He has a best friend.

What an incredible update on our sweet boy! He is going to fit in so well with our family.  I can’t wait to meet him in about 3 weeks!

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